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Concert Details


I wish to book the St Andrew’s Church venue as above. I undertake to ensure that the venue, including the church, vestry and the toilets, will be left in good condition after the event, that any furniture moved during the concert will be returned to place, and all electrical equipment used will be switched off. I understand that my organization may be liable for any damage incurred during the event.


Please give at least FIVE days notice by email if you wish to cancel the event, otherwise the full fee is payable. 


NIS 1500, payable within 7 days of the concert. This can be paid either by cash or cheque, or direct Bank transfer. Details below:

Cheques payable to: St Andrews Scots Memorial Church.


Transfers can be made directly to bank:

Bank # 17

Mercantile Bank

Branch # 646

Account number # 92932

(Church of Scotland Number 2 Account)


Note: For concerts with an audience of 80 or more, an additional NIS 150 may be paid for staffing.

Terms and conditions for concert organizers

Dear friends,

We know that St Andrew’s Scots Memorial Church is a wonderful venue for concerts.

But our church is a sacred place. Its first purpose is worship.

We are pleased that so many people wish to use the church, but they must be responsible for its furnishings and respect its purpose.

All bookings for concerts require a deposit of NIS 250.

This money will be returned in full if the church is left as it was before the concert.

If the church is not left as it was, part or all of the deposit will be retained.

Please note the following in particular:

  1. All furniture must be put back exactly as it was found.
  2. All Christian symbols and worship items must also be replaced.
  3. Any breakages or damage must be reported to reception in the guesthouse.
  4. The vestry is a church office for the use of the minister and church officers. Performers are welcome to use the vestry but need to leave it tidy afterwards. All food, drinks, rubbish, etc., must be removed!
  5. The charge for rent in 2018 is NIS 1500, payable within 7 days of the performance. Cheques should be made out to St Andrew’s Scots Memorial Church.
  6. For concerts with an audience of 80 or more, it may be desirable to ask us to staff the concert, in which case an extra NIS 100 will be payable: please advise us in advance.
  7. Additional donations are of course always very welcome!

Please note: The deposit will also be retained if the concert is cancelled less than one calendar month before the date of performance. If the concert is cancelled less than five days beforehand, the full rental will be payable.


Lilian Lepijan

St Andrews Guesthouse Manager


Rev Dr John McCulloch 



Heather Dobson

Session Clerk


Contact information

St Andrew’s Scots Guesthouse:

fax: 02-6731711