A sanctuary for Remembrance, Reflection and Reconciliation

St Andrew’s Scots Memorial Church looks across the valley to the golden walls of the Old City of Jerusalem.   The Church is built beside ancient tombs on the original road to Bethlehem.  
The Church was constructed as a memorial for Scottish soldiers who died here in World War 1, and was dedicated in 1930.  Now the Church’s ‘living memorial’ is its worshipping community; people who are living out their Christian faith and values in a complex and changing environment.  

The Church and its garden are places for peaceful reflection for everyone in the midst of a busy and noisy city.  
St Andrew’s is part of the Church of Scotland’s commitment to the people of this region.  We work through partnerships with the local Christian community and our links with a spectrum of organizations and projects of all faith backgrounds.  Along with our partners we are investing in peace and share a commitment to reconciliation.

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