Friends of St Andrew’s Jerusalem and Tiberias

Warm welcome to our new Ministers

As they take up the reins at St Andrews Tiberias and Jerusalem, respectively, Rev Muriel Pearson and Rev Dr Stewart Gillan are assured of a warm welcome by the Friends.  Many of you will have had a chance to meet them at the St Andrews Day Service in Edinburgh.  We are much looking forward to walking alongside them, in a supporting way, as they settle into their new life.  A new life that will be full of challenges as well as rewards.

Rev Muriel Pearson

Rev Dr Stewart Gillan

The Friends of St Andrew’s Jerusalem and Tiberias

The Friends of St Andrews Jerusalem and Tiberias are resolute in the support of the Churches that hold a place in their hearts.

In December 1917, General Allenby entered the Old City of Jerusalem and thus began the story of St Andrew’s Jerusalem, being built as a memorial to Scottish soldiers who fell fighting in this region during World War I. Since its inception it has remained a focus for Scots, as well as international visitors, to the Holy Land, through a century of historical turbulence.  St Andrew’s Tiberias was originally the focus of the Medical Mission on the Sea of Galilee.  The two congregations were united in 2018 and together offer a sanctuary of comfort and peace.

The Friends of St Andrew’s Jerusalem and Tiberias ensure that support, both emotional and financial, does not diminish, scholarships continue to be provided and projects backed by the church are sustained.

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It’s never too late to make a donation to St Andrew’s Jerusalem and Tiberias in their support of Physicians for Human Rights, Israel.

All proceeds from the St Andrew’s Day 2021 offering went to St Andrew’s Jerusalem and Tiberias, in their support of the Physicians for Human Rights, Israel – one of their long-standing partners. Click Here or on the picture for more information about their work and how you too can donate.  Their work is ongoing so it’s never too late to consider making a vital contribution to them.


We’re delighted to share in the good news of the arrival of two new Ministers.  Rev Dr Stewart Gillan in Jerusalem and Rev Muriel Pearson in Tiberias.  As they settle in to life in the Holy Land, we’ll let them unfold their story as they develop their roles, through the Church and the partner organisations.

Along with an update of Church of Scotland activities, we can report that there are exciting developments planned for how we can further extend our support for the Churches, the Ministers and their work.  And our Scholarship award is very much alive.

News including input and ideas from our Members is always welcome. Let us know if you have anything to share. This is your chance to get involved.


The Friends of St. Andrew’s, Jerusalem and Tiberias offers a unique opportunity for a theology student wishing to enrich their studies through first-hand experience in the Holy Land. The two scholars of 2020, each of whom was awarded £2,000, are finally able to take up their award – more of their research as time unfolds.

We’re starting to receive applications for our future scholarship awards.  Please pass the word around and encourage possible interested parties to get in touch.

Our News

Welcome to the new Ministers

Muriel was appointed as Associate Minister and is based in Tiberias where she works with the local congregation to welcome pilgrims.  Her role incorporates being chaplain in the Scots Hotel and at Tabeetha;

Rev Muriel Pearson

she also connects with myriad partners of different circumstances, geographical and religious backgrounds. Muriel is a trained counsellor and facilitator and hopes to host space for conversation and learning as part of the Church of Scotland’s commitment to peace with justice.

Rev Dr Stewart Gillan

I will sit with you and I will learn to listen

Designed as an installation in Glasgow Cathedral for COP26, these two chairs are on their way to Tiberias with Rev Muriel Pearson as she takes up her role there as Minister.


Let’s listen to Muriel as she shares her thoughts about them.

“The two chairs facing one another spoke to me powerfully about what I hope my ministry at Tiberias will be about.”  They could be used in all sorts of locations and also, along with literature from the original installation, be a focal point and thinking point in the St Andrew’s Church building in Tiberias.

The Friends are delighted to have enabled this to become a reality.

Press Release relating to the chairs.


‘I will learn to sit with you and I will learn to listen’

Visual arts duo Gardner & Gardner created the temporary installation ‘I will learn to sit with you and I will learn to listen’  in the Blackadder Aisle of Glasgow Cathedral for the duration of COP26. 122 redundant rush-seated chairs were arranged in pairs, jumbled and chaotic, symbolising the inequality of many power relationships and conversations. At the front, rewoven in vibrant yellow and perfectly spaced for conversation, two chairs faced one another in expectation.

Rev Muriel Pearson, newly appointed as Associate Minister in Jerusalem and Tiberias happened to remark to the artists that the space between the chairs spoke to her about her hopes for her new ministry. In her work with the congregation, with the Scots’  Hotel and Guest house, with Tabeetha School and with partners, Muriel hopes to facilitate conversation that will deepen understanding, celebrate difference and help forge bonds of common purpose for peace.

A week later, Peter Gardner phoned to offer two of the yellow chairs as a gift. Thanks to the generosity of the Friends of St Andrew’s Jerusalem these chairs will accompany Muriel to Israel.

She hopes to use them to provoke comment and conversation and continue to give life to the artwork.

Muriel commented, ‘When I am not at all sure what my role or ministry will be, it’s great to have a symbol both to help me and to open conversation with others. I’m thrilled with the possibilities this gift brings.’

Muriel’s adventures can be followed through Twitter @murielpearson60, on Facebook and via blogs and short videos.

images ©Gardner & Gardner