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We’re certain that, having visited either or both churches, you will want to join The Friends of St Andrews Jerusalem & Tiberias

For us, and indeed for all of their visitors, the churches left an indelible memory.  Their location and presence, whether in Jerusalem or Tiberias, are unique.  Once back home, you’ll reflect on the impact that they made, whether spiritually or physically, on your initial encounter.  And so it was with all of us, as Friends of St Andrews Jerusalem & Tiberias.

By becoming a member you can help us support the current work that the Ministers undertake – often in partnership with other Christian organisations.  You can contribute to the awarding of scholarships or the Church of Scotland projects.  And you can ensure that those who follow behind you are left with that impact that you experienced. Don’t let this opportunity slip by. And we’re pretty certain that, even without having visited either church, you will want to join The Friends of St Andrew’s Jerusalem & Tiberias to support their on-going work.

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