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Sindyanna of Galilee – creating change from the ground up

On the back of the successful report from The Faith Impact Forum, The Friends of St Andrew’s Jerusalem, are excited to be have completed four years commitment to Sindyanna of Gallilee.

In response to the £20,000 donated, thanks have been expressed for our  belief in “their work, their vision and mission to build a society based on equal rights and solidarity between Jews and Arabs”.

Since their establishment in 1996 Sindyanna has initiated a number of projects that promote their core values of reclamation, modernization of traditional Arab farming and agriculture, women empowerment, Jewish-Arab coexistence and fair trade.

Based in Kana of Galilee Sindyanna actively promotes “business for peace” through these projects.   Profits from sales of olive oil are channelled back into their work; this fits well with The Friends of St Andrews’ Jerusalem objective to support an on-going educational venture.

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Physicians for Human Rights, Israel.

All proceeds from the St Andrew’s Day 2021 offering went to St Andrew’s Jerusalem and Tiberias, in their support of the Physicians for Human Rights, Israel – one of their long-standing partners. Click Here for more information about their work .  Their work is ongoing so it’s never too late to make a vital contribution to them.  As Friends we too have made a donation towards their unstinting work.

The Joint Advocacy Initiative of The East Jerusalem YMCA and YWCA of Palestine

On an international level, the JAI seeks to raise awareness, by providing accurate information and updates, then involves people in prompting practical actions & activities through their running or strong involvement in campaigns and initiatives.

On the local level, the JAI trains youth in advocacy mechanisms, and is involved in coalitions, networks and popular activates with other local organizations to unify the Palestinian message.

You too can become involved through us…

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

The Surif Women’s Cooperative

The Surif Women’s Cooperative creates opportunities for disadvantaged producers, sustains fair working conditions and wages, empowers women, and preserves traditional crafts and artisan skills.

Known for their cream coloured fabric and cross-stitch embroidery, Surif’s designs are adapted from traditional Palestinian dresses reflecting the familiar heritage from different regions of Palestine.

We are delighted to support them through the sale of their specially woven bookmarks. At £6 each, including postage, they can be bought directly from the Friends.

Contact us at friends@standrewsjerusam.org for further details.

Projects run by the NECC in Gaza

NECC has been operating health services in the Gaza strip since 1952 and currently runs three primary health care clinics in Shijaia, Darraj and Kherbet al Adas neighborhoods supporting a population of more than 160,000 people.  Find out more about our involvement in these projects in the latest Newsletter.

Below is a list of The Church of Scotland partners:


Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem and HL
Evangelical Lutheran Church of Jordan and HL
Middle East Council of Churches

Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories


Breaking the silence?
Department of Services for Palestinian Refugees
(DSPR) ab of above.
Rabbis for Human Rights
YWCA of Palestine

Bethlehem & West Bank

Al Sherouq School
Bethlehem Bible College
Episcopal Training and Vocation Centre ETVTC
Hebron International Resources Network
HIRN (Abbreviation of the above)
Joint Advocacy Initiative
Kairos Palestine
Military Court Watch
Tent of Nations
YMCA Beit Sahour

Tel Aviv

New Profile
Parents Circle
Physicians for Human Rights PHRI
Sadaka Reut
Who profits?

Northern Region

Afnan al Galil
Galilee Society
House of Grace
WAC Maan


Al Ahli Hospital
Near East Council of Churches NECC
Palestinian Centre for Human Rights
Womens programme centres

Beduoin & others

Khan Al Ahmer

Um Al Khair