The Friends of St. Andrew’s, Jerusalem offers a wonderful opportunity for a divinity student wishing to enrich their studies by visiting the Holy Land.  An annual scholarship, currently up to £2,000, supports this. Level of qualification and age hold no barrier. 

Any topic enhancing current academic research will be considered.  The choice is yours.  Historically, most students have spent four weeks during the summer with an attachment to St Andrew’s, Jerusalem.  But the wide range of topics explored has involved different timescales and locations.  The expectation is that the scholarship awarded by The Friends of St Andrews will be relevant to your studies and a full description of the benefit it will provide should accompany the application.  Help and guidance needed?  The team of St Andrew’s Jerusalem are on hand to enable you to make the most of this opportunity through their myriad of contacts and suggestions.

You can apply online below or contact us directly if you have any questions.

Scholarship Application Form

You can click here to download our application form. You can then scan and email or post this to Dorothy using the details to the right.

The Society of Friends of St Andrew’s, Jerusalem

The Society of Friends of St Andrew’s, Jerusalem

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