The Friends of St. Andrew’s Jerusalem and Tiberias offer a wonderful opportunity for a theology student wishing to enrich their studies by visiting the Holy Land.  An annual scholarship, currently up to £2,000, supports this. Level of qualification and age hold no barrier. 

Any topic enhancing current academic research will be considered.  The choice is yours.  Historically, most students have spent four weeks during the summer with an attachment to St Andrew’s, Jerusalem.  But the wide range of topics explored has involved different timescales and locations.  The expectation is that the scholarship awarded by The Friends of St Andrews will be relevant to your studies and a full description of the benefit it will provide should accompany the application.  Help and guidance needed?  The team of St Andrew’s Jerusalem and Tiberias are on hand to enable you to make the most of this opportunity through their myriad of contacts and suggestions.

You can apply online below or contact us directly if you have any questions.

Scholarship Application Form

You can click here to download our application form then scan and email or post this to The Friends of St Andrews using the details to the right.

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Alternatively you may complete your application on-line below. Please note that this form has limited space for some of the information requested. if you find you run out of space please download the application form.

The Society of Friends of St Andrew’s, Jerusalem and Tiberias

c/o Church of Scotland

121 George Street

Edinburgh EH2 4YN


Or email The Friends of St Andrews


Application for Scholarship


Your Studies and Experience

Tell us about your studies to date.

Looking forward, how would your studies be enhanced and enriched by the award?

Why should we select you?

The expectation in gaining a scholarship is that it will be used by you to undertake a course of study, formal or informal, within the Holy Land, and which will directly enhance your studies here in Scotland. The subject of the study is for you to determine and the application will be judged on its relevance to your university course. Historically, most students have spent around four weeks in the region during their summer vacation, but over the years a great variety of topics have been researched each requiring different timescales.

Please indicate your reasons for wishing to go to the Holy Land and state briefly how you would spend your time there, outlining the aims you hope to achieve.

When will you go?

If successful, when would you propose to visit the Holy Land and how long would you want to spend there?

How much will it cost?

It would be helpful if, in submitting this application, you could give an anticipated breakdown of your budget for your time there.

Based on past experience, the grant of up to £2,000 may be insufficient by itself to sustain four weeks' study in Israel.

Faculties are known to have additional grants to students for such travel and experience.

Would you be prepared to make such an application?


What next?

Should you be considered as a suitable candidate, a mutually convenient date and time will be arranged for interview.

What else do we need to know?


a) If successful in your application, you will be required to join the Society as a Life Member at the current rate of subscription (£50).

b) You are encouraged to use the Church of Scotland’s St Andrew’s Guest House in Jerusalem, or accommodation in Tiberias as recommended by the Minister, as your base. However, it is recognised your studies may require you to stay elsewhere in the Holy Land.

c) You should contact the Minister of St Andrew’s Jerusalem and/or the Minister of St Andrew’s Tiberias once the scholarship has been awarded, in order to start planning your visit. Once you have decided on your topic and main location, you’ll be given an introduction to the main Point of Contact by the Friends.

d) You will be required to attend Sunday services in St Andrew’s and become involved in the life of the church/guesthouse; staff will offer guidance as to how to achieve this.

e) You will be expected to carry out the aim of your scholarship conscientiously and to submit a written report to the Society on your return to the UK. (This may be the same report as may be required by your university.)

f) You should be prepared to attend the Society’s AGM (generally in May) the year after your visit to present a verbal report.

g) You are expected to be an active member of the Friends for 3 years after your trip to the Holy Land. How you can best help us will be discussed if you are successful at the interview process.


If selected, I agree to abide by the Conditions of the Scholarship which I have read and understand.

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If there’s anything you’d like to know or discuss, then please contact The Friends of St Andrews using the email address below.

You can return your application by email to: