St Andrew’s Day Service 2020 and 2021

In 2020 our St Andrew’s Day Service came from St Andrew’s Jerusalem – and was enjoyed by Friends and friends, on a global basis.

Led by the Minister, Rev Dr John McCulloch, there were contributions from many within the Holy Land affiliated to St Andrews.  Linking St Andrews with those in Scotland and afar, and adhering to tradition, the Address was given by the recently retired Moderator, the Very Rev Colin Sinclair.

For further details see Newsletter 11 – page 10

Looking ahead we’re considering how we can again benefit from a combination of both congregations and traditions in 2021.  

Link to view the St Andrews Day Service 

In case you missed it, it’s still available on YouTube – just click on the YouTube icon below to view the Service.

The Service

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Order of Service

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Donation link to St Andrew’s Jerusalem in their support of the YWCA, Palestine

All proceeds from the St Andrew’s Day 2020 offering will go to St Andrew’s Jerusalem, in their support of the Young Women’s Christian Association, one of their long-standing partners. Click Here for more information about their work and alternative ways to donate.

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The Society of Friends of St Andrew’s

The Friends of St Andrews Jerusalem are stoic in the support of the church that holds a place in their hearts.  In December 1917, General Allenby entered the Old City of Jerusalem and thus began its story, being built as a memorial to Scottish soldiers who fell fighting in this region during World War I. Since its inception it has remained a focus for Scots, as well as international visitors, to the Holy Land, through a century of historical turbulence.  Despite a shrinking permanent congregation as it celebrates its centenary, the church continues to provide a place of comfort and peace.  The Friends of St Andrew’s Jerusalem ensure that support, both emotional and financial, does not diminish, scholarships continue to be provided and projects backed by the church are sustained.

If you would like to join the Friends of St Andrew’s please click here, or learn more about the Friends and our work see our latest projects here.

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By becoming a member you can help us support the current work that the church undertakes – often in partnership with other Christian organisations.  You can contribute to the awarding of scholarships.  And you can ensure that those who follow behind you are left with that impact that you experienced.

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Our latest projects

Alongside the Church of Scotland, The Friends of St Andrew’s Jerusalem continue to be associated with Sindyanna and the production of their award-winning olive oil.

We are also delighted to support the invaluable work undertaken through the joint advocacy initiative of the YMCA in East Jerusalem with the YWCA of Palestine (click here), along with supporting the Surif Women’s Cooperative through sales of their woven bookmarks.

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As uncertainty during these times of the Pandemic continues, we bring you an update of how we’re involved in some of the Church of Scotland projects in the Holy Land. Scholars, past and future, report on how they have responded to their own challenges.  And we’re delighted to share an opportunity for all to participate in our St Andrew’s Day Service, combining traditions from St Andrew’s, Jerusalem, with those in St Cuthbert’s, Edinburgh.

News including input and ideas from our Members is always welcome. Let us know if you have anything to share. This is your chance to get involved.

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The Friends of St. Andrew’s, Jerusalem offers a wonderful opportunity for a divinity student wishing to enrich their studies by visiting the Holy Land. The two scholars of 2020, each of whom was awarded £2,000, are still waiting to fulfil their plans. Read their plans in the current newsletter…and follow his path to ministry through the words of our 2018 scholar, Craig Dobney.

Sadly, due to Covid-19, the scholarship offer has been suspended.  Nevertheless, if you might be interested in the future, do please tell us; we’ll let you know when things start unfolding again.

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